Monday, 26 January 2015

The caterpillars are moving in!

Now, as most of you know by now, I will soon going to go under the knife. No, I won't get liposuction or a boob job (as one colleague suggested, as if I need one!) or something else cosmetic. The operation I will be having will be life enhancing though. At least I hope it will be. 

I have written quite extensively about my troubles in the past year. It all started in February when I had some trouble. We thought it might be intestinal and samples were sent off. All results came back negative though and the problems disappeared after a while. Then a month or so later, a stripe of pain on my right leg appeared. Not constant, but annoying nonetheless. Another trip to my gp and 'more moving around' was the answer this time. 

The months came and went. By June the pain in my leg was almost constant severely hindering sleep and making me cry in frustration on several occasions. The summer was half good half bad. Not too much hindrance, but it hadn't gone away either. August it all came to a head. Several nights with frozen peas or chips on my leg, no sleep and a very tired me on holiday. So, back to the gp it was.

After I had explained all the symptoms (leg, hips, back), she thought it might actually be prolaps and ordered an MRI scan. Two weeks later we found out that everything was worn down to the level that can be expected in a person my age/height/weight, but there was something else that was not good. By that time I had already started to suspect my lady bits to be very unlady-like and that turned out to be true. On to the gynaecologist!

The gynaecologist felt around, did the ultrasound, let the intern feel around (with permission), called in the head gynaecologist and he felt around a bit as well and in the end the result was: yes, there was a growth in/on my uterus that shouldn't be there and there were more growths on my ovarian tubes. It all needed to come out to spare me from more pain and trouble. That was just over six weeks ago.

Between then and now I have had a blood test done which came back with too high (not quite sure what was too high, but I guess it was the values of something or other) which in turn led me to have a CT-scan. So they would know where to operate me: in my local Haugesund hospital or in the further and more specialised Bergen hospital. I didn't hear anything anymore after that until Friday when I got a call from my gynaecologist: another blood test was on the cards. I headed to my local friendly vampire this morning and hopefully this time the values will be good, which would mean Haugesund!

Scottish butterflies 'caught in the act'
In the mean time though, the caterpillars are moving in. Not that many at a time, but still a steady stream. Some of the caterpillars have been cocooned and are now starting to emerge as nervous butterflies. Not so much because of what is going to be removed (uterus, ovaries), but more the fact that it is going to be removed. I have after all never had an operation before. In my life!! Ah well, as long as I won't be spitting butterflies...


  1. Hope your blood work turns out good. You know I am thinking about you and sending well wishes your way.

  2. Hari OM
    Nearly there and -whoosh- of a butterfly's wing, it will be done! (I know those two, they were at Auchindrain!!! )

    Don't worry darl... they give you 'stuff' to deadify butterfly... .YAM xx

  3. It took some time to find the right diagnostic, but once it's over you will feel much better ! I can understand your worries about the surgery, but probably afterwards you will say to yourself, why did I worry that much ?
    I am not a friend of caterpillars !

  4. Your first operation is a doozy. all the best, and keep us posted.


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