Friday, 9 January 2015

Christmas gift

Since I always buy my own Christmas gifts, I always get what I want. And this Christmas just past I wanted an iPod. I have an mp3 player, but it can only hold a certain amount of music, which meant that I had to leave out a lot of my favourite numbers. Like Eurovision! Which is like sacrilege in my book!!

Anyway, I had saved up all year in my 'only to be opened with a big hammer' piggy bank and when Christmas neared, I got out said hammer and smashed the bank. And then I went out and got myself an iPod. I wrapped it up nicely and put it under the Christmas tree, ready for Christmas day when I would unwrap it, scream in delight and thank Santa. 

After a few days of looking at my iPod, I finally got to work with it and within no time I had it up and running. Lots of music was put on for my enjoyment and I was a happy bunny. Today I wanted to update it, since there was some music that was missing. Turns out: half of all my Eurovision was missing as well!! The cheek!

So, guess what I am doing today...


  1. As good and as amazing as iPods and iPads are, and I have both, working within iOS can be frustrating. Getting quantities of photos off the cloud and onto the hard drive, for example ...

  2. You are right to buy your Christmas gift yourself. I asked for a case 7" in red for my Kindle tablet and got one 10" and turquoise. Some peolple can't read ! Or it was Father Christmas who wore the wrong glasses !

  3. Just have the Dell Windows products. Everything has its issues at times.

  4. Hari Om
    Good luck with that... I limit my techno-tension to blogging activity! YAM xx

  5. I .love your new header -- a snowy bicycle -- and the snow looks so soft and fluffy. Even so, I don't miss the snow. We've had our three nights of frost for the winter and that's plenty for me

  6. Glad you got yourself one. I'm still into my mp3 player, just going to get a bigger one.


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