Sunday, 25 January 2015

Photo on Sunday 2015-03

Seeing that I will soon have surgery and then at least six weeks of convalescing, where apparently I am not allowed to lift heavier than a carton of milk, I figured it was going to be cold in my home. I rely quite heavily on my wood burning oven to keep me warm and toasty, but having to get up every ten to fifteen minutes and throwing another log in or even worse, getting down to the basement and getting a whole sack full, is probably not the doctor's idea of no heavy lifting. 

I needed a solution. A solution that would keep me warm. And for that reason I bought a radiator. And I love it! Even warmth, no heavy lifting and no mess. In the photo you can see the old and the new. The towel on the wood burner has a specific purpose as well: keep the room somewhat hydrated.


  1. Yes indeed, that's the perfect solution !

  2. Hari OM
    Oh yes, these roller heaters are great. Well done! YAM xx

    1. They are, I just hope the electric bill will not be through the roof!!

  3. It looks like a lovely heater and I like that your thinking in advance!

  4. We have a couple of these. We use them when we don't want to put the furnace on. In our climate, we don't need the furnace most days so one of these strategically placed just helps to keep your feet toasty.

  5. It was wise to think this through ahead of time.


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