Tuesday, 1 March 2011


So, you were wondering what I wrote about yesterday and even after using Babel fish or Google Translate you were at a bit of a loss? Well, I had the text translated by Google translate and this was the result:

Look, you people should not be too easy. So I decided to look this weblog in Dutch to do! Pretty easy for me, although I also in Dutch would not know what I'm talking about should have.

Of course I would have about my work. After eight days off, I've worked three days. And tomorrow I'll be off! I have stopped Saturday with defective V-belt, I am today to Germany and I have a lot of orange juice to take home with them. Thanks to residual lunches. Not really interesting.

Well, and beyond? No idea where I should have continued on, so I stop there with me now.

And this is what I actually said:

Okay, you shouldn't make it too easy for people. So, I decided to write this post in Dutch! Nice and easy for me, although even in Dutch I don't have a clue what to talk about.

Of course I could talk about work. After eight days off, I had three days of work. And tomorrow I've got a day off again! On Saturday the coach had broken fan belts, today I went to Germany and I was able to take a large quantity of orange juice home. Thanks to left-over packed lunches! Not really interesting.

What else? Not a clue what I could talk about, so I will stop now.

So, now you know! Google translate makes me sound Russian!


  1. You know you're stuck for blogs when ...

    These days, I'm not so much stuck as much as I don't feel like putting much effort into writing.

  2. TOO funny, Mara, the Dutch-English-Russian thing. What a giggle. I laughed and laughed.
    As for effort and writing - aarrgghh! Yesterday I wrote a lovely long blog post for the letter "i" for the ABC Wednesday meme. I accidentally hit "post" instead of "save" (they're side by side) and then had to delete it, which meant I lost everything I'd written. JUST when I'd finally written more than a couple of paragraphs for the first time in a year. Did I say argh? Yes, I did.
    I was trying to get ahead on some posts because we leave home in two weeks. Next time I write that much, I'm going to save it, too. Aarrgghh!
    Luv, K

  3. getting your vitamin c it sounds like

  4. Google's translations are hilarious ! I already had a lot of fun with it ! I once wrote a text in German had translated into French and then into English and found my cat sitting at my computer writing a post while I was sleeping on the keyboard !
    That knocked me out !

  5. I have used Google translations and found a similar thing. A more colourful way to speak maybe but a bit confusing! A

  6. Ooooo, dus elke gebruiksaanwijzing bij een product dat is made in China of waar dan ook, wordt gewoon vertaald met behulp van Google.

    Very funny!


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