Wednesday, 9 March 2011


So, how was your Tuesday? Were you spoilt by your partner or by your boss? No? Well, you should have been living in Russia then, because it is really big there. They even get the day off! Because yesterday was International Women's Day! A day to celebrate your womanness, your being a female member of society, your tits and ass (if I may be so blunt).

But for all our importance, IWD seemed to be swept under the carpet a bit (unless you were in Russia of course). Which is a shame, since we are so very important (do you see how I am not one to brag?)!

When I started working as a busdriver one of the questions I heard quite often was: 'Do you have your driver's licence?' Invariably, the people asking me this question were men. Older men at that. My reply would always be something along the lines of: 'Do you need one to drive a bus?' On the other hand women (especially older ones) thought it was fantastic that I was driving a bus. If I had a euro for every time I heard a woman say: 'Isn't it great women can do anything nowadays?', I would have been able to move a long time ago. And take all my rubber duckies along as well!!!

So let's celebrate. Let's celebrate our womandom, even if it is a day late. Have that piece of chocolate cake, that dress. Spoil yourself and your daughters! And don't ever forget how important you are!!!


  1. The day passed very quietly but that's not a good enough reason to go and live in Russia;-)

  2. I totally forgot about "women day" it was my cleaning woman who told me that it was women's day in Poland. I thought it was for the carneval (sort of Queen story between us, remember)Mr. G. finally explained to me that it was women's day ! I celebrated it in Binche with 4 girls of my painting group it was carneval !!

  3. Ah, I forgot! It was women's day in Armenia too (being a former Soviet republic) and I lived there for 6 years. All the women got flowers from every man in their lives. Was kind of nice. seeing all those flowers everywhere.

  4. yeah to MY womanness, me being a female member of society, MY tits and ass (if I may be so blunt). HEE HEE i liked that, I just had to add the me in it!
    your awesome my Mara

  5. Are women drivers that unusual in the Netherlands?

  6. Good for you, Mara. I posted the International Women's Day logo on my FB page but only two people "liked" it and they're both old friends of the female variety.
    My husband didn't pay any attention to it, either for me or for our female dog.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. I think it's wonderful to have a day that all countries celebrate! My cousin celebrated it in the UK, some of us in the US remembered it, and you wrote a post about it! We should promote IWD more next year!

  8. Thank you. Every day is women's day in my brain. How do they celebrated IWD in Canada? It is not too late to change your mind and go to Russia!


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