Sunday, 6 March 2011

Radio silence

Of course I could have done 'silly' posts all week, since that was all I was up to, but I decided against it. Which resulted in radio silence (or blog silence) for a few days. So, what did I do during those few days?

Well, work mostly. And quite uneventful at that. As a matter of fact, I can hardly remember what type of work, so no fun things to tell. At home things just toddled along as well, Sophie staying as thin as ever but sitting on my lap a bit more often now; Wuppie being his old big self and Mathilda and Linette both vying for laptime as well.

I think the most exciting news this week must be the sale of all my rubber duckies! Finally! I knew they would swim out of my house, but alas, it took a bit longer than expected. Apart from the rubber duckies I also sold all the crafting paper and quite a few other little bits and pieces. It may sometimes seem as if things are going slow as regards to selling, but than there will be someone who will just buy the lot!

I still have a lot more things to sell though. Yesterday I rifled through the shed and found tennis rackets, a frisbee and more children's toys! I thought I had seen the last of those, but no. And I am still working on all those dvd's I've got for sale. Even though I've sold over 50 so far, there are still over 130 left.

So, yesterday I put a notice up at my local supermarket and during the course of next week I will put notices up at some of the other supermarkets in town as well. Trying to get rid of everything I have, starting with the stuff I never use anyway!

Next week is promising to be quite uneventful once again. I wanted to go to an industry contract meeting, but with a couple of colleagues ill and a couple who are now too old to drive, they are already relying on outside drivers and the chances are very slim I will be able to go. I will probably just have to do schoolruns, which is boring to say the least, but it does pay okay.


  1. We can always come here and look at the jellybeans if we get lonely.

  2. Things are progressing tidily. That must be better than a frantic race to get everything done in time.

  3. Yes, the jellybeans are such wonderful colours!
    Sounds to me like you're doing very well in the stuff-selling business. You think it's slow, but it really isn't.
    Are the cats demanding lap time because they feel disoriented with things moving out of the house?
    Lindy gets upset when she sees our luggage come in from the garage. We don't even have a Lindy-free room where we can do our packing, and it is too too cold to pack in the garage. O well.
    See you soon.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. I miss your blue-eyed photo and colorful hat! Late winter seems to leave me in the blahs -- lack of inspiration anyway.

  5. I must have missed somthing, and I already asked you twice WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING ????
    A duck collection not bad ! fortunately you don't have to sell my 450 pieces cat collection !

  6. So glad your able to sell stuff

  7. Congratulations on selling your duckies. Good luck with the rest of your things. Sweet photo.


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