Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My poor head

No, this isn't another post about headaches. Fortunately not, but it's still about my poor head. As you may or may not be aware of, I am trying to emigrate to Canada. Which is great of course. Even if it means that I have tons of things to do before the actual move. Like selling all my stuff, either on e-bay or through my blog. Plus of course all the things I need to do to find a job and a home and things like that in Canada. Add to that, that I still have a job to go to in the Netherlands that makes me work at the weirdest of hours, both during the week and during the weekends. And I would also like a tiny bit of social life. I am not asking for much, but a tiny bit should be doable.

So, what did this daft, extremely busy and 'can't take anymore on my plate because my head is already full' woman do? Yes, you guessed it: I took something else on!

Don't get me wrong, the something else is not done just by me, two cousins of mine are also in it, but still, it's more things to do and think of and keep track of. Now you're wondering of course what have I taken on. I would if I were in your desk chair. Well, I have taken on the joint organisation of our not annual family day. Find a venue, get food and drinks, think of silly games, make invitations, send those invitations out. And I bet there will be other things that crop up closer to the time!

I am about to make list upon list upon list now. One for the emigration, one for the selling, one for work, one for my social life, one for my cats, one for the family day, one for the groceries and one for Columbus (as in Christopher, the guy who apparently first discovered the Americas). Wish me luck!


  1. So, it will be a long time before you really do scratch "Do Nothing" off your list?

  2. Family picnics are a hoot. Our family gets together every June. It's held on my cousin's farm and each family brings food, there are a few games and everyone just visits. Don't get too stressed out - people are just happy to be together.

  3. I think it's shorter to make a list with things you DO NOT have to do, lol ! Or organize my family gathering, we are only 4, lol !
    As my son's partner has no family sense at all, I thought maybe it's like that in Holland. She has few contact to her brother, his wife and niece, not a lot with her mother and even less with her father (the parents are divorced) So even on Christmases we are 4 except twice when we celebrated with her mother and partner.So it's good to hear that she must be an exception !

  4. Well, you won't get bored;-)

  5. Good luck!

    I have an idea for a venue: a nice 'partytent' in your gorgeous garden ;-)
    Talking about the garden: no mention of a things-to-do-in-the-garden-list? Tut tut.
    Please don't hit me.


  6. Good luck.. I think you need it ;-)

  7. good luck my dear friend and i got a book from you today that I do not have, and have not read yet!
    so many thanks to you!

  8. I find that I do more when I am busy- because I don't waste as much time doing stuff like reading blogs and facebook :). As for the Christopher Colombus- let him make his own list- it'll be full of mean things like cutting people's hands off, so you don't want to really help him. There, now I've lightened your load- Keep Calm and Carry On!

  9. Yes your plate is full but that's okay. You certainly don't have time to be board!! That party will be so much fun. List are the best, I love making them.


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