Monday, 12 July 2010


Wok restaurant on the Belgian Dutch border

Big sigh.

Because of the weather: hot, humid, windy, rain, thunderstorms, cooling. All in one day.

Because of work: driving into Germany, only finding out the roads your gps is sending you to are dead end roads. Or contain bridges that are too low for my coach.

Because of nights spent either sleepwalking or dreaming about my six-year old goddaughter and her four-year old brother (who are 15 and 13).

Because of the lost World Cup, although I must admit that it made it easier to sleep: no awful vuvuzelas!

Big sigh.


  1. Too bad about the football, but you did well to get that far.

  2. Yikes...things can only get better, right?

  3. Your border looks nice. I agree with Ginny, it has to get better.
    Love the bathroom sign.


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