Monday, 19 July 2010


Sometimes when I'm out and about, I run into people I've met somewhere before. But since I don't see them in the place I last met them, or they are wearing a uniform, I don't recognise them. However, they tend to recognise me, walk up to me and start chatting to me.

On Saturday (festival day), I was waiting at the trainstation for the bus to fill up when all of a sudden one of the public transport drivers walks up to me and starts hugging me! Now, I've got nothing against being hugged, but I didn't even know the man. Well, he set me straight very quickly. I did know him. I actually wrote about him not so long ago. When he and his friend were 'spotting buses' during the Army Days.

I knew he was a busdriver, but what are the odds of actually running into him? He had liked the piece I had done on him and his friend and wanted to know whether I had ever received the photos he had sent. Well, since they only had my blog address, I had never received anything. So, he got out his phone, took a photo of me and sent it to me.

Isn't it great?


  1. I am usually the one doing the recognizing while the other guy scratches his head.

  2. Uhm, it's a great photo. Yeah. Didn't recognize you ;-)

  3. Yes, that would be strange to have someone come up and hug you. I remember that post, glad you knew him. Love the picture.


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