Monday, 26 July 2010

Monstrous Monday 6

My name is Sophie. I am quite nervous and don't like other cats very much. They sometimes bully me! But Mara doesn't. She gives me treats and hugs and kisses. Although she sometimes overdoes it (not with the treats though, you can never overdo it with the treats).


  1. No, you're right, she doesn't look happy here either ;-)

  2. She's beautiful, though she does look a tad bad-tempered! LOL!

    We had a cat like that once. Slitty eyes and laid back ears were normal for her. She didn't like the other cats and she didn't like us much, either, unless she was being fed. She was a long-haired stray who came to us in a thunderstorm, and was very matted. I acquired many new scars while we had that cat - she being groomed!

  3. She looks a character and no mistake. My daughter's cat is very like her both in looks and temperament. A

  4. Nice to meet you Sophie. So glad that you have sweet Mara to take care of you.


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