Sunday, 7 March 2010

What and where?

As I was lugging up this hill in Idar Oberstein, I needed as much rest as I could get and for that reason some very clever person had placed park benches at regular intervals (although not quite as regular as I would have liked), so I could get my rest. On one of those rests I saw a little critter running up and down. I tried to catch him (or her) on camera, but he (or she) was quite fast and of the ten photos I took, only one was any good.

This one!

So, have you found him (or her) yet?


  1. I had no problem finding the bear ... I mean moose ... I mean Squirrel.

  2. If there had been bears there, I would NOT have climbed that hill! Let alone take a photo of it!!

  3. Yes, I see it! Looks like a squirrel.

  4. I see him! They're cute, aren't they? Even upside down ... or maybe that's 'especially upside down'! LOL!

    Fun! I wouldn't have spotted him if you hadn't told me there was something to look for!

  5. I was used to seeing these little creatures in my garden so I spotted him/her immediately. Great shot. A


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