Friday, 26 March 2010

Next blog

If you're a blogger via blogspot, have you ever tried pressing the next blog button? It's all the way at the top, if you're wondering what I'm going on about now, and if you press it, according to Blogger, it will send you to a blog that is in someway connected to your own.

I've tried this on several occasions and every time I get to the family ones first, with photos of children and happy families. Then I get to the more religious ones, with talk of Jesus and God. And on one occasion I got to the erotic tales.

Now, I can understand the family bit. I do sometimes talk about my family. I do however, not understand the religious ones, since I never talk about anything concerning Jesus, God or religion in general (I don't, do I?). And the erotic tales? Not a clue! Honestly people, not a clue!

So, do you ever press the next blog button and what do you get?


  1. I have clicked on that button a few times, the first couple of blogs are on the same idea as mine and then they continue with all kinds of subjects.
    Sunny :)

  2. I haven't next searched for a long time. I never realized they were supposed to be connected with my own blog because I used to run into a lot of foreign language blogs by teenagers. perhaps it has changed though.

  3. Mara, could not resist. The first time I did it the post that came up was about the birth of a child, newborn pictures, etc. Not so much what my globetrotting stories are about ;) . . . although I guess my last post mentioned the fact that my first baby was born in Africa (delivered by a doctor wearing rubber boots and a butcher apron).

    Then I tried it again a few minutes later, and the first post that came up was a religious one. Perhaps, because of the African birth story, I was considered to be in dire need of religion ;)

  4. I too was sent to the foreign language teenage ones. Go figure!

  5. I haven't done that in a while but I use to do it when I first started blogging. I ALWAYS got foreign ones. Yes there are allot of religious blogs. I follow a few people but I really enjoy the family blogs. (like yours)

  6. I usually get blogs written in languages I can't read!


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