Friday, 5 March 2010

Still here...

Castle in Saarbrücken

Three days in a German hotel. On my own. In a town that lives off of tourism and there's not many tourists out yet. So, what's a person to do? Well... ehm... shopping! So, I got myself a trainticket and boarded the train for Saarbrücken. Where I immediately hit the shops. A lovely (albeit a bit German looking) summer coat, red and not expensive (C&A). Just what I needed. Then I hit a bookstore that actually did have a nice selection of English language books. So, the newest novel by Jill Mansell found its way into my possession, along with 'Persuasion' (Jane Austen) and 'the Dubliners' (James Joyce). Oh, and a lovely cat poster.

I found a shop where I was finally able to get some small ramekins which will be perfect for all the desserts I still want to make. I had a nice lunch and took a lovely walk across the River Saar (via a bridge people, a bridge) towards a castle/stately home. I didn't stay too long though and decided I would head back to Idar Oberstein.

The train ride took one hour in the morning and would take the same during the afternoon. As long as you don't read a good book that is. And then miss your station. And the next because you aren't sure whether you had missed your station. I had! Two years working on trains hadn't taught me enough I guess. In the end I managed to get back to the proper station and back to the hotel. Where I finished my book...


  1. Beautiful pictures. Shopping sounds like a really good time. I can see how you could miss your station if your into a good book.
    I'm sure I would do the same.

  2. I am a ramekin addict also. Not that I use them that often but I sure do have a good collection!


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