Monday, 15 March 2010


We were supposed to go to the sauna yesterday, my friends B, C and me, but stick three women together and there's bound to be one who's experiencing the joys of being a woman, so that idea was out. Instead they arrived with pots and pans, bags with ingredients and apple pie. I provided the drinks, Easter eggs and dessert (which I will post tomorrow, mmm).

My friend C is known to usually arrive late. So, when the doorbell rang at 2.15 I was quite surprised to see her (a quarter of an hour early). I was even more surprised when my friend B phoned at 2.16 to tell me she was running late. Her husband and son were eating our food and she expected to arrive at around 4! Ah well...

When at last we were all there, we basically continued where we left off the last time we saw, ate apple pie with whipped cream and drank tea by the gallon. Then B and C started on their part of the meal. The home-made (vegetarian) ravioli (B) had to be warmed up again, the salad (C) needed to be made, the table needed to be set and I needed to get all the low stools out, since I don't own a dining table, only a small coffee table.

After a very tasty meal, I went into the kitchen to make dessert. And after everyone had finished their dessert, the left-overs were put in containers to be taken home to their respective families and me loading up the dish washer, a very successful evening had finished.

Definitely something to do again!


  1. Hi

    Found your blog by chance and have had a delightful half an hour reading about your friends and you!
    Not quite sure where you live excet that you'd like to live in Canada.. I think perhaps you live in Germany?
    Will pop back and see what else you you've been up to!

  2. I would definitely like to do something like yesterday again. I will NOT make any ravioli again, though. (Unless I have a few more days off and can start making them a bit earlier than I did now.) ;-)

  3. I like the idea of eating dessert first. In fact, it would be very nice to have a piece of apple pie right now.

  4. @Christine: I am Dutch, living in the Netherlands. Welcome!

    @B: I will stick to the desserts, I'm becoming good at those...

    @Anvilcloud: we don't usually eat apple pie as a dessert, we tend to eat it as an accompaniment to a cup of coffee. Either in the morning, the afternoon or the evening!

  5. It sounds like fun. I am so glad that you are able to have such wonderful times with your friends.

  6. That sounds like a perfect get-together! Maybe next time the sauna will work out...that sounds very relaxing!


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