Tuesday, 16 September 2008


A lot of people know I want to emigrate, since I never made any secret about it. But this morning an old colleague came up to me and asked me whether I had plans to move to the other side of the pond. This was a man I hadn't spoken to in over a year, I only saw him in passing occasionally. When I asked him where he got the (correct) information from he told me it was a singer in a local shanty choir. I had never heard of the shanty choir and never of the man in question. Which of course made it quite funny, since apparently there are people who know my stuff, when I don't even know them.

I've never really felt I had to stay in the Netherlands. When I was living in France I thought about making a life there. Same for England. But in the end I always came back home. This time however, I'm not planning on coming home. I'm planning on making my home somewhere else. And as soon as I started thinking about Canada (not as far as Australia or New Zealand and it's not the USA), I started telling people about it. I know quite a few people thought I would never make it, for several reasons. But there have also been people who've told me to go for it. Don't wait until..., just do it.

My dream (number 9 it is) is getting more real by the day. I know they need drivers in Canada, at least I've heard they do. My financial situation is out of death's grasp, in other words, my debt is nearly gone. And as soon as the debt has completely cleared, I can start saving to make my way over!
For now, dream number 9 is however still dream number 9 and not reality. But it's always nice to know that people wish me good luck. Even when I've never heard of them...

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  1. You are obviously fluent in English, so that will work in your favour. If you also speak French, you'll score even more points although I'm not totally sure how the point system is structured these days.

    We tend to be fond of the Dutch, and there are quite a few people of Dutch background here and there.


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