Friday, 12 September 2008


Scotland is quite well known for its rain. Apparently it rains a lot over there. An awful lot according to some people. However, when I was there last week, I didn't see that much rain. We had some rain in Gretna Green, it drizzled in Glasgow. It poured down as we were going past Loch Ness and it drizzled again in Edinburgh. Other than that it was dry and occasionally even sunny.

I got back home and over here it was quite nice weather. Sunny, warm, lovely September weather. It didn't last... Because today was a day filled with rain. Anything from drizzling to pouring. It could have been Scotland! Apart from the Highlands, the Lochs, the Pipers, the men in kilts and the whisky that is.
When I first moved to where I live now, the first three weeks were filled with rain. But whenever I go to a so-called 'rainy' country (ie Ireland, Scotland), the days are nearly always filled with sunshine and dry-ness (is that a word?) and the country shows itself in its full glory. However, I've also had absolute downpours in Rome, a country not normally known for its rain.
Perhaps the rain today has infiltrated my brain. The whole entry today is a bit grshiltsh (and I know that definitely is NOT a word). I'm sorry!!!

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