Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I saw the first batch of sugarbeets today and that means it's autumn. Living in the country like I do, means the year is defined by nature as well as farmers. In the spring the tulips are in bloom, in the summer the wheat is golden and during the autumn all potatoes, sugarbeets, carrots and onions come out of the ground.

Everything coming out of the ground means another thing as well: the roads become more and more unpassable. Tractors taking the harvest to either the farm or the weighing station and lots of mud on the roads. The gazillion onions, carrots and potatoes by the side of the road, being squashed by passing cars, lorries and buses, turning the road into a bad foodfight. The smell of onions in the air (which, by the way, I love) and the general hum of activity.

And it's not only the farmers who are busy. Nature is trying to get ready for winter as well. Leaves are falling everywhere and covering the ground. So far it has been dry, but the minute it starts to rain, the leaves will get slippery, making it harder for me to cycle to work. The temperature has dropped a bit and at night I have to turn on the heating. I have already changed the duvet to the autumn duvet and, in preparation for real cold, I have put my gloves in my coat-pockets.

I love the autumn!

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