Thursday, 7 August 2008


Another go at starting an English blog. I have been keeping my Dutch blog now for well over two years and manage that, so I thought I might as well give it another go in English.

As it says in the sidelines, I'm a tourbus driver from the Netherlands. I have lived here for 32 out of my 37 years. The other five years were spent in Yougoslavia, Belgium, Italy, France and England. When I came back from England in 1994, I spent the first few years temping. In and out of factories and kitchens. I got fed up with that in the end and decided (thanks to my father) to try and get my busdrivers' licence. I only needed a year and two goes, but finally on January 7th, 1999 I finally held my new licence: I was allowed to drive a bus!
I managed to get a job fairly soon and after a very rocky start (the bus itself, a lamppost, a car, another car, another bus: all damaged) I started getting the hang of it. After a few years I started doing international work and for the past five years I have been going abroad a lot. Starting with Germany for five days and gradually working my way up to Italy and Ireland for 10-12 days.

I want to emigrate to Canada, but in order for me to do that, I need money. I have a huge problem though: I don't have any. In the past I have spent so much, that I got a rather nasty debt to pay off first. However, during the last three years I have managed to pay off nearly €15,000 (over 10,000 pounds sterling or US $23,000). I am on the last stretch now and as soon as I have repaid the bank, I will start saving so I will be able to either go to Canada for a holiday next year, or move to Canada to work and live next year. For now, those options are open, it all depends on that money!

I will try to write on this blog quite regularly. Tell you what is happening in my life. If you want to react: please do...

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