Sunday, 17 August 2008


It's the weekend. And like so many other weekends, I'm spending it on my own. I occasionally feel sorry for myself, but then I have to remind myself: if I wanted, I could go out and meet people. I could go and post my profile on a number of dating sites and try to meet the weirdest and craziest guys. Or I could get lucky and meet the love of my life! But to be quite honest, I can't really get bothered about it. Besides that, I never know what to put in a profile, let alone what to say to men when I would go out and meet them.

A few years back there was a program on British television, something about how to turn someone who was lousy at dating into a person who was great at it. They showed everyone on their first date, which of course was extremely lousy and then gave them a few make-overs. Clothes, attitude, the lot. At the end they went on another date and of course it was great! I could do with that.

Sometimes people ask me if I would like to meet someone. I always think that it's a stupid question. Yes, I would like to meet someone. Yes, I would like to come home from a hard day's work and find dinner on the table and the house in order. And yes, I would like to get down to the physical side as well.

Now of course there's an added problem. I want to move to Canada. What if I met a Dutch bloke who didn't want to move. What if I met a Canadian bloke, would my moving mean it was for him or for the chance to move to Canada. Difficult situation. And for now I don't know the answer. For now I don't need to know the answer, since I'm not seeing anyone anyway.

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