Sunday, 10 August 2008


I am not the most sporty person in the world. I don't run marathons like my brother, I don't even try to run a 10k like my sister. There are sports that I did like to do, like skiing and badminton, but in the last few years I've not done either of those. Going to the gym is about my limit. But I do like to watch sports.

My favourite sports are biathlon, a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, and hurling, an Irish sport which is both action-packed and major fun. However, the only chance to see biathlon is during the wintermonths and the only chance to see hurling is in Ireland. Since I don't live in Ireland, my summers can get quite sports-free.

Come in the Olympic Games! I watch swimming, diving, gymnastics, athletics, sailing, rowing, cycling, basically anything that moves. The daughter of friends of my parents recently said that the only reason to watch most sports is to watch those nice male bodies. They are fit, they are toned, they are bronzed and they look nice and healthy. Mmm, I have to agree with her!

Never mind the reason though, I just want to see it all, because I want to see how my country fares in all those sports. For the next two weeks I am set...

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