Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Well, that was an interesting day. I had to pick up some holiday-goers and take them back home. Not a big problem. I was there on time. The other bus was on time and the passengers got back on time. Not even half an hour after I arrived I was ready to leave. I had worked really hard to fit all the luggage on board and everyone had had to find a seat on board, but in the end they had managed. All six of them! Yes, I showed up with a huge coach (a 50-seater) and there were six people on it. Not counting myself of course! To be honest, there should have been more on board. But the other two had decided to take a train home instead of the coach.

Still, it was a waste of time though. A taxi could have taken them home quicker than I could. After I had dropped off the last two people, I had to wait three quarters of an hour before I could go home. 'European Driving Laws'!!!
Never mind though, it gave me something to do today. Tomorrow is another day and another trip. The army I think, but I don't know where I have to go yet. I will find out tomorrow!

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