Monday, 14 December 2015

Brom in the sky


Oh wow, we did so much flying! First we flew from Haugesund to Oslo. But the plane was late, so we had to go really really fast to the next plane which go from Oslo to London. Mara was very confused by then, because she only had a boarding pass up to London, but we were going further. But, she figured it out: she had to get her luggage and then go and check in again. The last flight went from London to Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The O2 arena by the River Thames in London (aka the white blob)
The first two flights were absolutely lovely. I had my own seat because there was nobody sitting next to me and Mara showed me the sights of London. She knew so much! But the last flight wasn't as nice. There was somebody sitting on both sides of us, so I had to stay in the bag. And Mara said she had very little room for her legs. But when we arrived all was good again, because we were met by Mara's sister Gera, where we will be staying for a week. 

The London Eye (aka the red blob)
Now, all this was last Friday and on Saturday I was left alone because of the bad weather, while Mara and Gera went out to post my calendars and Mara's calendars and get wool and stuff. On Sunday we all stayed in for a lazy day, which I loved. And today? Well, you will have to come back to read about what happened today!


  1. I like the red blob and white blob captions! Made us laugh.

  2. BaaaaaWaaaah Red and White Blobs... you are so funny Brom.
    We are glad that you had your OWN seat fur SOME of the flights..
    We can't wait to see what you have fur us NEXT.

  3. Glad you made it! Have a wonderful time and stay warm.

  4. So glad you made it through customs!

    1. It's always fun in the x-ray machine!!


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