Thursday, 22 January 2015

I am back!

Well, I hope I am back anyway. I have had a rotten two weeks. Last week was awful, dealing with menstral cramps (the last time, which made me feel a tiny bit better), the usual pain and headaches. Oh and work of course! I was in no mood to do anything else but just veg out once I was home.

By Saturday it had gotten better, but I had to work and then a work do, which meant I didn't get home until quite late and at that time I didn't want to do anything but watch a bit of tv before going to bed. Sunday was a day where I actually did turn on the computer, yet hardly did anything with it. 

Monday and Tuesday were spent updating the photo book I make for work. A lot of new drivers, a lot of drivers had changed team, so it was a bit of a job. I managed in the end. And then the headaches returned. This time due to the extremely dry weather. But whatever they are due to, they are awful and really interfere with my day. I have yet to call in sick for a headache (not counting the weeklong horror of a few years ago), but if I wake up tomorrow with one, I will. Sick to the bone I am of them. 

The date of my operation is getting nearer and nearer now. My sister is due to arrive next Sunday and I am going into hospital the next day. Several people have offered to pick me up. One from Bergen if needs be, the other saying her car is better (higher) and therefore easier to get in and out of. Besides lots of colleagues have offered to give me a hand if needed. And I probably will, since I will not be allowed to do any heavy lifting for about six weeks. 

Right, time for Antiques Road Trip on the BBC. 


  1. Hari OM
    ART is a salve for many an ache, and one of my 'must watch'!

    Crikey though, I was just mentioning to dad last night (telling of the 'mat') that I hadn't 'seen' you around for a while... we wish you relief - or at least a decent day off if you need to call a sickie.

    Dad reminds and wishes me to pass on that he toasted 2015 with the Aquavit!!!

    Be well gal. Hugs, YAM xx

  2. You are really having your troubles. Hopefully, things will look a lot brighter in six weeks.

  3. Prayers and freedom from pain for you. You've had these pains long enough. Glad you've got a good support group,

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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