Monday, 28 March 2011

Hello, I am...

I needed to make a video presentation about myself so Henk could show that to prospective employers in Canada. It felt a bit dating agency, but then again: in both cases you need to sell yourself!

Anyway, today I finally remembered to bring my camera to work, since I wanted to do it on the coach, and started. Well, twenty (I think, it could have been more) tries later I finally have a finished presentation. Not the most smiley me, but it's clear and I think it gets my point across. But the little video I show here is one of the many many many junk ones!



  1. Love it. Great combination British-Dutch accent. Actually, you speak British fairly unaccented to my Canadian ears.

  2. I think videos are so hard to do.
    I loved seeing you and listening to you talk.

  3. I applaud you Mara. I hate making videos and I get so tongue tied. Your English is fabulous, seriously. I could only detect a slight accent but you were spot on!

  4. It was great hearing your voice! So much music! I know it is frustrating making a video but you made me chuckle.

  5. I certainly would have hired you right away with this video, hahahaha ! I am sure the one which you think is good, is not so perfect than this one ! and I am not joking !
    Once in my professional life I had to sort out curriculum vitaes for my boss. At that time I didn't realize at all that this was a big responsibility. I just took the once who were the most sympathic and not necessarily with the most diplomas !

  6. you are so darn cute
    the expression on your face thru the big truck that drives by and just making a video is hard work. i liked the video, i watched it more than once.

  7. I loved seeing you and hearing your voice! I think you've seen a couple of my vlogs...and there's only a couple. It's really hard to get a good take!


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