Saturday, 24 July 2010


Yesterday was the monsters' yearly outing to the vet. They don't like it. I'm not too fond of it either, but it needs to happen. After all, they cannot tell you when they're feeling poorly!

Anyway, my Dad arrived at 9am to help me out with them. So, three baskets were put in the backseat (using the seatbelts as well: safety!) and the miaowing began. However, when we arrived at the vet's clinic they stopped. I guess they think that when they keep quiet, the vet and I will forget about them! Ah, no such luck...

The result? Linette was healthy, got her shots and I was told I needed to keep an eye out for her teeth. Wuppie was healthy, overweight (what's new?) and pretended he was scared. He actually did a brilliant impression as well: right up to holding his tail between his legs! Mathilda was healthy, although the vet had to keep her close to the running water to stop her purring so loud. Otherwise he couldn't hear her heart.

Sophie? Well, she is healthy, so that is good. However her teeth, especially her back molars, are quite bad and are bothering her. Which means, eating hard food isn't easy, which in turn means she doesn't eat as much as she should. Which then means she looses weight! So, guess what? I have to schedule a trip to the dentist and hopefully after her teeth are done up, she will be able to live to see her 12th birthday (she's 11 now)!


  1. I don't know of any animal that enjoys going to the vet. Just getting my cats in the carrier can be an adventure!
    I'm glad they are all okay...good luck at the dentist - meow!
    ☼ Sunny

  2. The one in the photo sure doesn't look happy ;-)
    Good that Sophie is healthy now, apart from her teeth. Good luck with that. No one likes going to the dentist ;-(

  3. I am glad everyone did okay. It sounds like we were at the vet at the same time (I had to take my Dad's cat. Urine infection). While I was there, the biggest Mastiff I have ever seen came in. EVERYTHING was afraid of it.

  4. Happy to hear that they are doing well. The teeth are hard to take care of. Unless you brush them on a regular basis they will rot. We had two dogs with teeth issues and surgeries. I need to do a better job with Skye's, I do have them brush them when she gets her hair cut every three months. Wishing you luck at the dentist.

  5. Aaah, those dentals! We do have to keep an eye on those teeth, but good luck at the kitty dentist!

    I brush Sid's teeth with an electric toothbrush, but I can't imagine a cat would tolerate that!


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