Thursday, 25 March 2010


Sitting in front of so many people on the bus causes you to hear so many different and fun conversations. Especially if you have children on board. Sometimes I get involved as well and then the conversations range from the normal to the completely ridiculous. I've had pre-schoolers see cat-sized yellow elephants in the trees, six year olds wonder about my sanity for calling every single dog a bear (and even asking one unsuspecting dog owner whether it was a dog or a bear) and I've been told I'm a fibber for telling five-year olds that I had seen lions and tigers and bears (cars and lorries and buses). But sometimes the children don't need my input and can do the ridiculous by themselves perfectly well.

Like this week. On Tuesday a girl was telling her teacher and me about her fast growing teeth. And as soon as that subject was half finished she continued by talking about her little toe! Today I learned that you need a stallion and a mare if you want to have a foal, but that it can also be achieved by an injection. However, if you do use the stallion and the mare, the stallion needs to stay on top of the mare for at least two minutes! Some of the other girls asked whether it was the same way cows did their business and when the answer was yes, another chipped in with the 'and the sheep and the goats do it like that as well' (most of them lived on farms or small villages).

That's where I get my information from!


  1. Hunh. Seems pretty accurate. Certainly more than I knew at that age.

  2. The advantages of a rural upbringing.

  3. Is that picture of you as a child? Very cute! Kids do come up with the most interesting things!

  4. Love the way their brains work.
    What a cute picture of you.


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