Thursday, 28 August 2008

Aches and pains

It's been a few days. First it was because I was really busy. Mostly doing absolutely nothing, zip, nada. Only the last two days were really busy. But then, I did something stupid. I drank coffee. I never drink coffee, but last week, I had four cups in total. Wrong!

The reason I never drink coffee, is because it gives me a headache. I drink decaf, I drink herbal tea, I drink hot chocolate. I just don't drink normal coffee. But after three years of not drinking coffee, I felt it was about time to try drinking it again. So, I had a cup on Thursday. And I was fine. So, I had another cup on Friday. And again I was fine. Another on Saturday, another on Sunday. I had two aspirins on Monday and three on Tuesday. Just to get rid of the stupid headache I got. Today I finally got rid of it. So, four cups of coffee over four days equals four days of headache. I've learned my lesson: no more coffee...
My head's clear again, so I will try to write a bit more regular again from now on.

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