Monday, 12 October 2020

Wind in our hair

I didn't go too far, as the mud was squelching around my shoes at an alarming rate
Last week I was invited to visit a friend. It's not always easy to find time as we both have irregular working hours and she has a family as well. But this time we were both off and the plans were there.

I have decided I will NOT try kite surfing: too cold and too wet
Then the plans changed. Instead of staying at hers, why not go for a walk on the beach. Which changed again to not only the two of us, but her husband and children and me. Until in the end it was her husband, her son and a friend and her daughter and her boyfriend and me. I decided to take Toto Karl to the beach and meet them there.

Yeah, there was rain in the air
The weather was not the best. Every time I got the camera out, I could only take a few photos before the drops started falling again and the camera had to be put back. But in between the showers, there were some really nice photos to be took.

One of several tall ships we saw, but the only with its sails up
It was nice to get out there as well. Despite the rain and the wind and the temperatures not being up to summery scratch, it was good to get the wind in our hair and let the day to day troubles float away on the breeze. Definitely something to do again.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh yes, couldn't agree more; my wee stint down in the garden yesterday was most restorative - particularly as the sun DID shine for a wee while. LOVE that last shot! YAM xx

    1. The last shot is my favourite one too. I might get it done on canvas to hang on the wall.

  2. It is good to get out with friends.

  3. Despite the wet weather it sounds like you had a good time out with your friend. We love the rainbow picture.

  4. It's good to force ourselves out of the comfort zone once in a while.

  5. WooHoo this is my 3rd rainbow in 2 weeks. One in PA, one in Scotland and Now in The Netherlands.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Good for you getting out. Sorry about the weather. Love the rainbows!!!

  7. All the beauty of the beach and time with friends.


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