Monday, 19 October 2020


Training for the annual rowing race

Several weeks ago my great aunt died. I had never met her, but she was the last living sibling of my grandfather (who has long since passed away). It was sad, but she was in her nineties and at that age you can expect it somehow.

After the annual rowing race

Then only last week, an uncle passed away. He was in his eighties and suffering from Alzheimers. Again sad, but expected. 

Going fishing

This week I got a message from Norway: a colleague and friend had died. WHAT??? He was only in his early fifties. And whereas the passing of great aunt and uncle didn't really make any impact, this passing did. 

During a union meet

Because this was a friend. I had helped him out, he had helped me out (yesterday's photo showed us both doing silly faces when I was packing up to leave Norway).

Being a Viking during the Company Games

He will be missed, even at this distance!



  1. Hari OM
    I knew somehow yesterday's pic had more meaning to it... so very sorry that you have lost a dear one; and it shows, somehow, that friends are often as much family as the blood ties. Huggies from here... YAM xx

    1. It really knocked me for six. I had spoken of him often to my parents as well, so he was important. It is strange to realise I will never again receive a photo of his feet (he was wont to do that).

  2. That is young. I am glad for him and you that you had some good times together.

  3. We're so sorry to hear of all these special people you've lost recently. Our paws are crossed for you and your friends family.

  4. We say at the nursing home that deaths always come in threes. But the past several months, we far exceeded that (a few from covid, but more from just old age.) We're sorry to hear of your losses.
    Sending hugs.

  5. ((HUGS)) I am so sorry for the loses. Praying for your comfort during this sad time.

  6. It is hard to accept the loss of a friend especially one so young. Take care and think only of the good times together.

    1. I must admit it is really hard to accept. So young!

  7. I was going to say yesterday that was you Norway bud that got you into all sorts of fun things. My heart aches for your loss. Friends and same age or younger family members are so hard. Hugs, my friend. Here is a shoulder to cry on.


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