Monday, 9 July 2018

We're in!

Along the bank of the River Liffey in Dublin
Waiting for the Michael Bublé concert to finish on Saturday
After five long days, today I had a day off again. Fortunately, because I really really really needed it. Not just to get my breath back (hasn't happened yet), but to finally move in! So, when I woke this morning at a ridiculously early time (09.45, I had only gotten to bed at 04.15), I fed Miss O, packed my large suitcase, grabbed food from the fridge and headed to my new place. 

Brom is in place as well!
There I proceeded to make my bed, look around me, do not much and then decided to head to the shops. I got a thingy that helps me get online with my own proper computer and a cable to watch television. The first works, albeit slowly, the second one does not. Ah well, it will be an early night for me tonight anyway. 

My new desk and lovely and comfy new desk chair
In the guest room
I got food and other 'stuff' and then I drove back to my sister's. I packed the small suitcase, grabbed the computer and the last thing I did was pack up a certain feline. She was not happy and she let me know that the whole way coming over! She is however relaxing again right now and getting used to her new place. Which honestly is a shambles at the moment. 

My bedroom is most advanced. There are still some bits and bobs that need to be removed from there, but most has been put in its place, hung up, laid down, put away. The bathroom is the same really. It contains two toilets, one for each of us and everything else has been tidied away. 

This is too messy even for me!!
The kitchen/living room is only partly tidied. Only half of all my stuff has made it upstairs: there is not enough room! I will tidy away the foodstuff tonight and/or tomorrow, then there are ornaments to place, dvd-player to be set up again, tv to be made working, table to arrive (have to collect it from my sister's). 

Miss O didn't want to look up: she had to smell the old chair!
Mind you, several of my large photos are hanging throughout the place, so that is mainly done. But there is other stuff to be gotten up, because it still looks quite clinical to me. 

Can you see the bed? It's in all those boxes!!!
The second bedroom is only half done as well. Well, quarter done really. Two bookcases need to be put together and then there are the bed and the side tables to do. When it is finished it will have a light Scandi-feel to it, helped by the three photos I took in Norway. There might be even more photos floating about somewhere, but I will have to find those first.

The head at Marlay Park near Dublin
Waiting for the (open air) Queen concert to finish.
I didn't see them, but I did hear them: great fun!!


  1. Way to go! Just a wee bit of tidying and sorting to do.

  2. Hari OM
    Wow, Mara, you are doing really well... this brought back all the 'muscle memory' of my move and it is the adrenaline which keeps us going on minimal sleep! The day will come when you will just have to 'slump' and then it will properly begin to feel like you've settled. Happy unpacking you two... Miss Oswin - once that toilet is used and the chair 'haired' you too will feel at home!!! YAM xxx

    1. The chair was haired from before. It was bought in the Netherlands, dragged to Norway and now Northern Ireland. So, there are cat hairs on there from every cat I have owned so far! Including Miss O!!

    2. ...oh that is good - something familiar to 'anchor' with! Yxx

  3. CLAPPING WILDLY THAT YOU AND MS. OSWIN ARE IN YOUR HOME IN N. IRELAND. You have obviously made a big impression at work as they are keeping you very busy. I suspect being tourist season adds to the excitement. I love your skylight...I Madi..have one over my loo. MOL
    Hugs Madi and mom

  4. Happy belated birthday Mara...June 30 I think you said.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. We're glad to hear you are getting settled in your new home. It looks like there still is lots to do.

  6. So you were the transportation? I would love to see Michael Buble'. You place looks great and before you know it, it will feel like home. I'm glad your getting all settled. Wishing you happiness in every inch of your new place!!


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