Thursday, 12 July 2018


Do you remember what my second bedroom looked like? Apart from the desk area which was all done, the rest was just a jumble of mess and boxes. But over the past few days I got to it. Since everything comes from a well known Swedish furniture store, everything has to be put together yourself, but I did and the result is okay. 

It is not completely finished though. I still need my stay-over book, which is in one of the many boxes still in the garage. But before the first guests (probably my parents) arrive, that will be found as well. 

On another note, a couple of real big pluses about living here: 
  • It's close to work. Like five minutes!
  • It's quiet during both day and night. 
  • It's dark at night. No street lights at all.
  • And the best one? I can watch television from the toilet! 
Anyway, if you want to come and stay the night: there is a bed waiting and ready. And don't worry, before any guests arrive, I will make sure the bed is cat hair free!


  1. Your guest room look so inviting. No need to remove the hair for us as we are used to inhaling pet hair all night. BOL!

  2. What a lovely guest room and well done on the assembly!
    Oh mom and dad could probably not sleep unless there was a sufficient amount of feline fur
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Wow, what a progress ! Looks very nice ! I wouldn't mind cat hairs ! I am used too, lol ! Is Miss Oswin already there or still with your sister ?

  4. It looks great. Thanks for the invitation!

  5. Things are coming together!! Great job!

  6. Hari OM
    ...okay, how did I miss this post??? (Maybe too much tennis?) it looks wonderful my friend. You can expect this visitor at some point in future months!!! YAM xx


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