Thursday, 19 July 2018

Driving around

When I first got my new car, I was told it would need an MOT before the end of July. Basically a check to see if the car is still safe and roadworthy. In the Netherlands it had to be done every year, in Norway every two years and here in Northern Ireland (and UK general) it's every year again. However, where in the Netherlands and Norway you can get it done at your local garage (not all, but most), here in Northern Ireland it needs to be done at an MOT center*. Of which there are about a dozen in the entire country. 

This morning I made my way to one of them to get mine checked. I arrived a little before nine o'clock and after a few minutes wait, I was allowed to drive in. They checked the exhaust, lights, tires, brakes, windscreen wipers and probably some other things as well. But only ten minutes later I was told: passed!

Totally unrelated, but I like the new guest bed!
After that I made my way into the office for a related yet unrelated question. As you know I lived in Norway the last five years and last December I received a Norwegian driver's licence. The law in Norway states that you can drive with an EU driver's licence until it expires, at which time you will need to renew it to a Norwegian. Which I had done. 

In the UK however, it's a bit different: I have to have my licence exchanged within a year, but preferably as soon as possible. It should not be a problem, but I will need to do some extra research before exchanging it. After all, I have about 9 months left in which to do it.

In other news: the paperwork is nearly sorted, I just need to find my hole puncher and then it can all be put in my new folders. And yes, they have butterflies on them!!

*Only in Northern Ireland, in the rest of the UK: your local friendly garage will provide the service as well.


  1. Hari OM
    Nothing beats 'getting sorted'! YAM xx
    *yes, as long as you can find a local 'friendly' garage. The one up the street from proved to be less than fine so I go all the way to Edinburgh to the place that has always seen to Li'l Ren.

    1. So, basically it wasn't the friendly local at all! When I lived in England, I had my Fiat checked by the local Saab garage. Expensive yes, but good!

  2. Ms. Oswin and Mara we love your guest bed...OMCs keep a light on I, Madison D. Cat, will magically appear on the bed at O'dark 30!
    You are the best at adapting and fitting in Mara. WTG.
    We have to get our cars inspected yearly here too.
    Hugs Cecilia and madi

  3. Glad you passed your test. Mine needs one done. Love your new folders. I'm not longer organized :( like I use to be.

  4. In Belgium too we have these MOT centers for cars when they are 4 years old, not before and then every year. I think it's easy to change your driver license, My son had to do it when he lived in London coming from Belgium.

  5. All the varying rules make moving between states challenging in the US. Ugh. Even have different Medicare rules.

    1. Try moving countries! The UK has not fully embraced the digital age yet. At all, which makes some things just hard to get around.


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