Saturday, 5 May 2018

Slowing down and speeding up

Back in Norway while still in the middle of packing
The first few days of me being in Northern Ireland were so jam-packed with things to do/sort/collect/buy that it went buy in a flash. I am glad to say though, that it is now slowing down a bit. So, I thought I would give you all a bit of an update about where I stand at the moment. 

On day one we bought a car. Reserved really, my sister had to transfer the money into their account first. It's not a big car, it's not new, but it is perfect for what I want and need it for. Which is drive to work and back and to the shops and back. And if there is an occasional trip to something, it is good as well.

During that afternoon, I bought a phone. My very first smart phone! Years ago I had bought an iPod to listen to music, but I figured out in the end that it could be used for other stuff as well. Apart from phoning people. So, on on my move to NI I decided to get myself an iPhone. Again, it's not new and it has some limitations, but on the whole I like it very much and it does what it's needed for. Ring people. 

As beautiful as ever!
On Tuesday we had to go and collect a certain feline. She was so not happy sitting in that crate for two days, but the minute she was let loose in her new temporary home, she was fine again. Ate like a docker on her first day here and drank so much I was getting worried, but she has settled down beyond all expectations. She is slowly finding out about the neighbours (with children and lots of movement. Oh, and a big barking dog). She crawls on my lap in the evening or sleeps on the dining room chair. She loves looking out the bedroom window. She eats nicely, drinks nicely and goes potty like she always has. Very very pleased.

On Wednesday we went to Ikea. First I had a look at my apartment though (we had to drop something off) and it looks a bit different from the last time we saw it. The plasterboard was up everywhere and we could actually walk on the floors and the rooms were distinguishable. The plasterers were due in yesterday and my new landlord expects the place to be ready in about six weeks. Which would mean I would be in before my birthday, which I would love. 

During our little walk on Friday
Quite a bit of furniture is on its way over to NI, but the place isn't that big and I don't know whether I will enough room for everything, or, on the reverse, what I will need to have enough storage, sitting and sleeping room. But, I will definitely have to buy a sofa, a desk for my computer and a spare bed. Other things may or may not follow. My sister has a coffee table I can have, which actually was mine when I lived in my first ever place in the Netherlands. Full circle!

Thursday saw a return to the bank, which didn't end as favourably as we had hoped for, yet with advice that was very sound. I am now waiting to get my National Insurance number and she promised me that was enough to open an account. Then we got the glasses. An eye-test first where they told me my left eye had improved (as I knew) and the right eye had remained more or less the same. The glasses will be arriving in about two weeks time.

After that it was car insurance time. My sister had paid for the car and we were due to pick it up on Friday, but there is to be no driving without insurance. Here again it proved to be not so easy. Since I have a Norwegian license and not all companies accept a foreign license. Besides that I haven't got the bonus letter from my Norwegian insurer yet, so we were at the highest level of payment due! Ah well, the letter will come and hopefully my new insurance will then be adjusted accordingly. 

My new car: a Renault Twingo
Friday saw the collection of the car. When I test drove it, the one thing really bothering me had been the rear view mirror and I wanted that changed. Which they had done. It's a nice little car as I said and will be perfect for my needs. We filled out paperwork, he handed me my part of the paperwork and off we drove, to the nearest post-office so I could get the car taxed.

During the afternoon we used it to get some groceries: we had thrown some out at my sister's, because of expiry dates (2011 flitted past at one point) and we drove to a small nature area absolutely invested with flying crawlies. 

The only things left to do now are getting the bank account, receiving my things (Tuesday or Wednesday next week) and starting work. I will probably start off with something local and have been told it might be a football trip. Whatever it is though, it will be nice to start working again!

Also during our walk on Friday
That was it for now. More to follow of course if and when they take place...


  1. Als ik je telefoonnummer krijg kan ik je bellen.

  2. Hari om
    Great!!! How about a sofa-bed, so's to save footprint? Or, as I did last month, buy a foldbed which is very slim to store... will send link when am back in the Hutch and have got Voovoo again! YAM xx

    1. I have found in the past that sofa beds are fine, but not necessarily for me. I prefer a sofa for the living area and a sofa bed (or day bed as they call it) for the guest room. That way, both stay comfortable.

  3. What a lot to do and a lot of expense too.

  4. What a darling little Car!!!!
    OMCs Miss Oswin seems to have a new healthy respect for her mom and for life in general....2 days in 'jail' gives one a new outlook on life.
    Congrats on all you have accomplished. Have you started your new job yet?
    Hugs Cecilia and Madi

  5. Girl, you really are accomplishing so many things in such a short time. How exciting that you might be in your place in six weeks. Your car looks great! Glad Miss Oswin is doing well. So when do you start working?

  6. You are doing well. There is so much that you have to do, your list must be endless. Hope you enjoyed the sunshine we had today. Not sure if you are getting the same weather.

    1. Well, for now the list is pretty much done. Once I move into my own place, there will be a list again, but it will be shorter, since most of what I need will be in place by then!

  7. We're glad you're settling in. We're especially glad Miss Oswin survived her trip well enough. I would have been terrified!

    1. She was very upset having to be in that crate for so long, but the minute she got out: back to her old self!

  8. Sounds like things are going fairly smooth. Moves do have their challenges.


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