Friday, 25 May 2018

Of overs and wickets and such

A cricket pitch with a view
Having lived in the Netherlands most of my life and a stint in Norway as well, I have not come across cricket that often. In fact, never! Football (or soccer) yes. Cricket never. Even during my time in England a lifetime ago, I never came across it. 

A couple of days ago I had a bunch of school boys who were playing another school in a cricket tournament. I didn't watch it, even though I probably could have. Then yesterday, another group of school boys playing another school, but this time there wasn't even the possibility. 

Today I went to yet another school with the group from a couple of days ago and I felt it should be possible for me to catch some of the game. First of all, the sports grounds were fantastic! The school basically had the sports grounds in front of them and then: an uninterrupted view over the hills beyond! Not a bad place.

The weather was quite lovely as well: sunshine with a bit of a breeze and perfect to sit in a chair and watch a game of cricket. If only I understood what was going on!

I asked some of the boys on the bus to explain, and they did. I think. There was something about a rolling ball and four points and six points and knocking the wicket. I didn't really learn that much! However, some of what they said started making sense after a while and other things I figured out for myself. 

After the first half (I know it probably isn't called that, but that's what it felt like), my group had set a benchmark the other school had to beat. They didn't! Which meant my group had won. 

I understood it eventually. I think!
Cricket will never be my go-to-sport-to-watch, but it is quite nice. I think. With the sun shining and a light breeze and nice cup of tea...


  1. Hari Om
    Have I mentioned I ADORE cricket? It's my first-choice sport with rugby a very close-run second. Then a few others coming up very close behind. Cricket first. Just in case I haven't mentioned... YAM xx

  2. I'm sure is a very pleasant, Englishy sort of thing.

  3. Well, my ghostwriter can't even understand football! Cricket is beyond her! It's nice that you can have a nice rest and watch the sport when you're not driving.

  4. A nice way to sort of ease into the new country.

  5. I've never seen a game but it's nice that you could watch it and that they won!


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