Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Of course, when taking a road trip, you need to take enough sustenance to cover the whole of the trip. And not all of it should be made of sugar either. When my sister and I went on a road trip last year, the person not driving was responsible for providing the person driving with the food. Be they mandarins, apples, drinks or whathaveyou. This time however, it will be just Brom and me (and Mouse) and I am the only with opposable thumbs! 

That means no mandarins, no sandwiches that have to be made and no apples (I am not too fond of them). Instead there are winegums, liquorice-type sweets and sweet chocolate brioches. Plus (yes, yes) cherry tomatoes and grapes. All easy to grab and easy to stuff. The drinks will be in easy to open bottles. Then again, I might stop underway somewhere and get a nice bite. Or not. 

The salad and the yoghurt are for my dinner on the ferry. I felt that the 40 euros asked for dinner in their buffet restaurant was highly over the top! Instead I will have a small warm dinner at home and then the salad as a supper-type meal. Both those together didn't even come to 10 euros!

One more night...


  1. Mara I can tell that you are a very wise and prepared traveler. You are such a great planner too. Taking a trip with you would be fun!!
    When hubby and I take road trips, I'm the navigator, snack provider and entertainment. We subscribe to a NC magazine called "Our State". Each issue has a quiz section in it on NC facts. When I know we are going on a trip, I save up a few issues. He usually does a very very good job on the answers too. Oh and I save Reader's Digest Mag. too. I read the jokes etc to him
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Hari OM
    Oh yes, gotta have the picker-nicker hamper filled and proper to needs... Happy travelling!!! YAM xx

  3. Those look like some excellent yum yums to me!

  4. This is looking pretty nutritious. I'm not sure what I think of that. 😏

  5. We keep a bag of pistachios in my Icie at all times. Even short trips might require sustenance.


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