Tuesday, 15 August 2017


What do you mean, I am not coming?
Usually when I go on holiday I pack my suitcase about a day before, sometimes (depending on the flight) even the day itself. But when I travel next week, I will not be travelling by plane. I will drive! And that needs a different preparation. For starters, I have to get the car serviced. Which will be a welcome surprise to it, since it hasn't happened so far! Then again, I have only had the car for two and a half years and more importantly: I don't do that much driving. Anyway, tomorrow the car will get a full service. Oil and water and checking of brakes and all that. 

The next thing to do is get puss serviced. Well, not really serviced, but she does need her shots, so later this afternoon (much against her will I am sure) she will be packed up and we see the vet. She has been going outside a lot lately (what with my extra free days and my sick days) and seems to be in good health, but yet again: a check-up is always clever.

It looks a bit different, but not much
The house needs to be serviced. Well, I say serviced, it would really be a good clear/clean. My desk still looks like a bomb exploded, even though the books are finished, several things need to be sorted and/or packed/packed away. I need to make sure that everything that needs to come along to the Netherlands, comes along. Like the photo (yep, the one that started my wall of memory), the mouse and the bamse mums for my sister (if anybody else wants: let me know now or forever hold your peace. Hold on, that was a different speech. I get confused sometimes). 

Some of these have been sold, so will not be coming along
Other than that I will be taken along the unsold mice (excluding the reserved ones of course), my medication(s), all the wires, cables and other contrapthingies I might need for the road and/or my stay. I have bought some winegums to keep me going whilst driving and according to my mother it's always wise to have a toilet roll with you, so that's coming as well. Plus my music of course. So far I have about two weeks' worth of sing-alongs, scream-alongs, dream-away-tos and some push-the-pedal-to-the-metals. Everything from Glenn Miller to Sesame Street and from Beethoven to Queen. 

I am telling you right now: I am NOT going to the vet!
Of course I still have just over a week before I leave and I am bound to have to do most of it on the day itself. However, everything I can do now is a plus. Fortunately there are only 4 more working days left. One this week and then three next week. I can't wait...


  1. Hari OM
    Yup, being prepared is one of life's great mottoes - and I am relieved to discover that I am not the only person in the world who travels with a loo roll... Good luck getting Miss O to the V.E.T. YAM xx

    1. We had one with us last year and never used it. But Mum says....

  2. Sounds like you have your list made and are checking things off gradually. I do that very thing too. I pack in my head about 2 weeks before a trip. A week before I'll start putting things together in the closet after I've checked weather etc. Traveling music is important.
    Madi sends her best wishes to Miss Oswin for a quick trip to/from the vet and we hope you come home w/o any injuries.
    Hugs Madi and mom

  3. A few years ago I made a list with all things I have to take along (car or plane) and each time I go away I print it out and make a cross when it's packed ! How long is it to drive ?

  4. Oswin, quick, RUN!!!!! Or the Vetman is gonna use you as a dart board!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS My peeps take T Roll with them on holiday

  5. I sure wish I liked going on car trips. But going anywhere is the car is the only thing I'm afraid of. Hope you have a great trip!

    1. Miss Oswin wouldn't mind going on a trip, but being in her carrier and then the car... She does NOT like it at all. As she made very clear during our trip to the vet. Fortunately Brom loves traveling!

  6. How exciting, I hope you have safe travels and a wonderful time.


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