Thursday, 11 May 2017


During Monday's running training
There is this saying, don't run before you can walk. Well, I can walk, so running should be a possibility. I think. And lately I have been doing some running training as well. Twice a week (unless I have a visit from H), me and a friend will drive to a local area to do some running. On Monday it was bridge to bridge, but that turned out to be a bridge too far for me. I managed about a third and would walk the rest. But, I managed a bit more on each try. 

Today should have been another training, but today was Hydro rundt, a local 5k run. I did it last year in just over an hour, wheezing my way around the course. This year, I would have to be faster. My knee played up, which made my calf play up, but I did manage to run (downhill and not fast). I would say about a kilometer in total, but comparing that to last year's slug, I was quite happy. The time too made me happy: around 53 minutes, which means around 9 minutes faster than last year. 

Today's 5k run
Recently I have also been thinking about the upcoming triathlon. It's only four and a half weeks away and apart from the running, I haven't done much training. I feel it is too soon for me and my body. I don't want any injuries or having a terrible time doing it, so I have decided not to take part. There will be others later in the season that might fit better, especially if I can get some cycling and swimming training done during the summer. 

So, that's me being sporty. Or not so much. You pick!


  1. Hari OM
    Sporty... definitely sporty!!! YAM xx

  2. Good for you for being so active. But ghostwriter says to take special care of your knees, so they don't end up all worn out like hers.

    1. Well, I can certainly feel them today. Would chocolate help you think?

  3. It's good to know your limits.

  4. Your doing great and giving it your best!

  5. So glad you are taking advantage of making priorities for your activities.


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