Thursday, 25 May 2017


A while ago. Well, a long while ago really...
And then it's Thursday again. My, doesn't time fly? I have been knitting, hanging up the curtains, doing laundry, cooking (which I should do every day, but don't), reading until the wee hours on a work night and today I've been off, thanks to the Christian holiday of Ascension. I bet most people here don't have a clue to what its origins are, but they are celebrating another day off anyway.

Not that it was the best day today. In fact it was rather drab. One day I have to turn the heater off because the sun is shining and heating up my apartment, the next I have to turn everything back on, because there is no sun to be seen anywhere and it gets cold again. No rhyme or reason at all. And for some reason the fine days always seem to happen on my days at work!

Spot the odd one out!
As I said, I have been knitting a bit and so far I have managed to knit about 18 mice. At the end of next month I will have more to tell on that, but they do look amazing. Albeit a bit crooked at times... 

Today I also got some more information about my step-cousin twice removed, the one who died in Burma. It throws up more questions than it gives answers though, so some more research is required. A few weeks ago I sent out letters to family members and one aunt wrote me with some details. Not much, but definitely more than I had expected. Even if she did call me Gera (which is my sister's name) at some point. Then again, so do my parents occasionally, usually when she is standing right beside me.

Anyway, on to the next mouse now. I wonder which colours I will pick this time around.


  1. Hari OM
    There can be no odd one out in a roomful of individualists!!! My word though, you have been industrious. We had a few days of wintry return, but today that turned on a sixpence and we have been up in the top 20's... with even more to come tomorrow. Of course, the day am to drive North for the Mac-holiday, they are threatening us with major storms. Sigh... YAM xx

    1. They are all individual, but there still is an odd one out! My grandmother knitted one of them.

      This weekend is supposed to be a good one. And actually right now it's not too bad either.

  2. We are loving those mice! Great job!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Wow, they cute your mice ! My cats would be delighted if they were real !!

  4. Our weather is off and on too, and more off than on.

    I think we can figure out what Ascension Day is all about, but it's rather strange as Scandinavian countries are said to be the most atheistic on Earth. Perhaps Norway is less atheistic than Sweden or Denmark, however. Or maybe it's one of those old holidays that are kept because it's nice to get a day off for whatever reason. :)

  5. Your mice are so cute. Is the odd one out the brown one with the funny eyes?

  6. Golly Gee Mara you are one busy lady...when is your guest arriving?
    Hugs madi and mom

  7. You have been busy. They look very cute when gathered together like that.


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