Saturday, 20 May 2017

New home

Part of a kitchen we both liked. We would want it to be bigger though
My sister and I have a plan. When we are a bit older and have a bit more money, we will buy a house. Together. Where we will both live. We will each have our own bedrooms and bathrooms, preferably in a tower on either side, but we will share the kitchen. Which will have to be large. And none of those kitchen islands for us. We will do with a large kitchen table thank you very much. 

So, two weeks ago, we made our way to the local Ikea near our parents and had a look at kitchens. Because if she wants black and white checkered and I want pink flowers, we will have a bit of a problem. Fortunately we don't. Either black and white checkered or pink flowers that is. So no problem. 

A Belfast sink, albeit in the wrong size kitchen
And we found a kitchen we both liked. I didn't mind the wooden counter top, my sister did, but I love granite as well, as does my sister, so, problem solved. We both love Belfast sinks, double please and lots and lots of counter space and cupboards. Sorted!

My sister's suggestion for a house.
It's missing the towers on either side, otherwise it would be TOO LARGE!
Of course, having the kitchen and the bedrooms sorted is one thing, we would still need to come up with the money to get said house. We would still need to figure out where to get said house (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland or somewhere else altogether). And we have to decide on how big the actual house would have to be. Mind you, with the amount we have saved so far, we would be lucky to get the kitchen we want, let alone the rest...


  1. Hari OM
    Grand plans are fine things - they can lead to some realistic solutions!!! I like the design of your chosen kitchen - though my preference would be for smooth doors- this comes from the experience of something similar to this and the endless cleaning it entailed as every little 'shelf' caught the dust and cooking grime... I recognise that sink!!! Having recently been looking at what's on the property market again myself (just curiousity), I know how fun it is to imagine it all. It's a fine pastime on a dull weekend. YAM xx

    1. One must-have we both agree on? A cleaner! Very important, since we both detest cleaning.

      Well, you should recognise that sink! I was just sorry I didn't get a photo of your face when you saw it.

  2. Mara that is a very good plan! IKEA is about to open a store about 25 miles down the road from us. It will be the 2nd one in NC. Pink you maybe you cam accessorize w pink.
    Keep us posted as the plans grow?
    Hugs Madi and mom

  3. Well that kitchen looks awesome! It will be interesting to see what the future holds for you and your sister.

  4. Always good to have plans. Think big.

    1. I think we will end up with something much smaller than our big plans, but it's great fun!

  5. You have to watch the twin towers motif. It hasn't always worked out in the past. ;)


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