Tuesday, 24 January 2017

So, why did I? Part 2

I did tell you yesterday that despite having the perfect job, I moved. Yet, I didn't tell you why, now did I? 

Why would a 40-something woman with a good and steady job, friends and family, a home and of course a bunch of felines decide to move away? And over the years I have given so many different answers to that question. All of them sort of hinting at the why, but never really landing on it. Basically because I had never landed on it. Yet. 

Something different. Challenging. I never saw myself living my whole life in the Netherlands. I didn't want to be sorry I never tried. Those were some of the answers I gave. They never told the whole story and quite often it was more a case of defending myself and my decision than anything else. 

Well, to all of those who have asked over the years: here is the answer I have come to in the end (it's only taken more than 10 years from first plan to having lived in Norway for over four years).

I wanted an adventure!


  1. Those ARIAL Walkways certain WOULD be a Challenge...
    WE would be Terrified.

  2. Good for you....Mara to keep yourself and your life fun. I admire you! Never will you ask yourself 'what if I had done this or that"?
    Hugs cecilia

  3. Meer dan voldoende motivatie, hoor! En ik juich het alleen maar toe. Intussen zij meerdere vrienden en kennissen in verschillende windrichtingen geëmigreerd. Awel. Zo kom ik ook nog eens ergens!

  4. A great answer!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Yes an adventure, but after 4 years it's not an adventure anymore, but becomes routine. That comes also with the age, lol ! And now you like your life where you are, otherwise you wouldn't think about buying a house !

  6. Hurray for adventures! I can't believe it's already been four years in Norway! Wow! I remember when Canada was still the plan. Have we really known each other that long?

  7. You really took on a big adventure! So glad it is working out for you.


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