Wednesday, 18 January 2017


When we go on those hiking/walking trips, we both take photos. Even if we have been there before, we will take new photos of the same thing again. It means as well, that our trips usually take a bit longer because of all that photo taking. 

One plus of the both of us taking photos is that I get some photos of myself. I haven't got a nice and fancy phone with which I can take photos (shock, horror, but yes, it's true), so if I want to take a selfie it has to be done with a big cumbersome camera.

The first two photos were taken during the drizzle-trip. We came to a bridge and the water was just running down. I had a good rain suit on and stood underneath while my friend took several photos. The second one was taken a little later during that trip. For some reason I have my eyes closed. 

The third photo shows me at the beginning of the no-drizzle-trip. Well wrapped up, but the hat came off within ten minutes, as did the gloves. The coat was opened and the scarf was loosened as well. And the last photo shows me walking from the photographer (Unni). It looks emptier than it was, because there were a lot of people about.


  1. it is nice to have pictures of the SAME thingys.. from different TIMES and View Points...

  2. You can nefer haf too many photos, each one holds a special memory
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Love the photos, how wonderful to have them!

  4. Very happy photos and the weather did some quick changing on you. Mom takes 87 photos of the same sun puddle as it moves about the house freely
    Hugs madi and mom

  5. I also take pictures of the same things..many, many, many times ;-)!

  6. Crikey Mara ..... I'm glad you said there were lots of people around in that last photo cause I thought you were all alone in the wilderness. My Mum takes LOTS of photos of the same place too but it's funny ..... they always seem to look different for some reason or another.

    1. The first time we were there was on a weekday and it was nearly empty, but last Sunday was a day off for everyone and it was gorgeous weather, so everyone and their aunt made the trip. My friend just happened to catch me all by myself! She is clever you know...

  7. So ... there is actually someone else in the world apart from us who doesn't have a smart phone. We belong to a shrinking minority.


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