Monday, 21 November 2016

Dear body,

You have been pestering me with problems for several years now. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I didn't have headaches. Or needed a bowl underneath my bed in case of vomiting in the night. Recently they have been getting worse as well. All thanks to a shoulder/neck problem I thought I had gotten rid of years ago!

You gave me problems in my legs and abdomen, but I beat you there: I got myself looked at properly and before I knew it, I was operated on and gone were the problems (plus a few items that apparently turn me into a woman). But it did take time and a lot of frustration. 

I know I am not always the best in keeping you fit and healthy. I freely admit to that. What can I say, I like chocolate. And chips, cake and a lot of other stuff. But be honest here body, I do also love fruit and vegetables and will often go back for second helpings of those! 

I know I should start to work out again soon and I promise you body, I will. I will!! But when I cycle and you in turn think it funny to give me yet another headache, what is the plus side for me again? 

But what you did to me yesterday is nothing short of rotten! I can't put it any other way. And after I was so good as well! On Saturday I only had two small pieces of rib, a bit of sausage, a 'Medisterkake', 2 boiled potatoes and lots of red cabbage. And dessert of course. To drink I had one bottle of lemonade. And what did you do in return?

You gave me a hangover, that's what! Dry mouth, not enough sleep, feeling lousy, headache! Really? Is that it now? I do my best and you just do whatever you want? I cannot say I am very impressed with you right now and I do hope you will mend your ways and soon at that!

Yours truly,

me 💋


  1. Hari OM
    Well if mind has any say over matter, this letter oughtta make it pay attention!

    D'ya think the cooling weather has anything to do with it? I have definitely noticed that my arthritis is reacting to the plummeting temps - and then last week sciatica set in. Set, I say, cuz it is still here and showing no willing to leave.

    Collective scream anyone??? YAM xx

    1. I am with you on the scream!

      I had to work on Saturday and then at night there was a party. I should have left right after dinner (around 9.30pm), but in the end left two hours later. So, it was probably that that caused the problems.

    2. ...certainly wouldn't have helped; I have noticed the last few years that I definitely have 'switch off point'! That doesn't necessarily mean early, in fact it can vary ... but when that point comes, need to pay attention. Or Else... Yx

  2. Bodies do puzzling things. I have two minor conditions that flare up at very random times and for no apparent reason. At least I can't come up with a cause; it just happens.

  3. Oh, dear, that does not sound pleasant at all! I truly hope your body mends its ways! I have had a pain in my leg for a few days now, and it's really annoying! *sigh* If this is what getting older means, I'm going to rebel!

  4. OMD Sorry that your Body... Turned Mean on you...
    Our mom might think of writing a Letter of Complaint to HER old sagging and worn out body now.
    Doubt it will help her much though...
    Hope YOU are feeling better now.

  5. Hopefully you can come to an agreement that does not involve feeling poorly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Dear Mara's body. Knock it off! She is treating you good so make her well.

    Do not make me come over there to straighten you out!

  7. Sorry to hear that! I hope your body starts to treat you better soon.


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