Friday, 25 November 2016


For some reason, the world seems to think that everything that comes from across the pond is great. Well, actually great!! With the exclamation marks. 

Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Norway, in fact I don't know of any country in Europe that does, either in October or November, they have decided to join in the 'Black Friday' craze. 

As I was driving my bus this morning, I noticed that the parking lot at one local mall was choc-a-bloc. At 8am! The shops don't open until 10am, so I wondered what was going on. And then it dawned on me: Black Friday. Or more to the point, the beginning of Black Friday, because some shops make it last for about a week!

I hit the shops after my shift today as well. Got some canned pumpkin, some rye flour (they are not going into the same dish), some marshmellows. I prefer baking to going shopping in the madness and I certainly don't want to be fooled into believing I get something at an amazing price, since a fair few shops actually up the prices in the weeks leading up to this Friday. 

Crazy I tell you!


  1. Hari OM
    Madness... insanity... I don't even like going grocery shopping on regular days. As you say, it has been a well-manicured con-sale which so many folk are willing to be trapped by. Hey ho... enjoy the pumpkin pie - or soup - or whatever the pumpkin goes to! YAM xx

    1. ooooooohhh, nice bloggy revamp BTW!!! Yx

    2. Using canned pumpkin for the pie and fresh pumpkin for soup.

      Yeah, I felt I needed a bit of an update.

  2. BF has invaded Canada too. I don't know when it happened. I think maybe about 5 years ago. We don't have a Black Tuesday though although TG is always on a Monday in October.

  3. Yes, the TV, newspapers, flyers etc are all full of Black Friday deals. And it's not even the day after Thanksgiving here in Canada, as Anvilcloud has already said. I try to stay away from the madness and order online instead!

  4. I never go shopping on Black Friday because I hate the crowds! It used to only be one day, and now there are Black Friday sales that last for a week or longer. I'm not missing out. ;)

  5. I did get some DVD's for a great price at our Target store on Thursday night. Didn't think about getting groceries at all!


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