Saturday, 13 August 2016

See Monday's title

Yes, I could have thought of a better title, but the one from Monday was good and didn't really need changing for today. And since there was a bit of anything this week as well...

For starters, my coming holiday with my sister is now on track to be a really good one. It always is when it's me and my sister of course, but we are not really the shopping types, unless it concerns books, so we needed to find other things to see and do and visit. 

On the serious part of our trip we will be 'following' in the footsteps of Anne Frank from the moment she was caught and sent to the pass-through camp in Westerbork (the Netherlands), then on to Auschwitz (Poland) and finally to Bergen-Belsen (Germany). 

On the less serious part of our trip, we will be visiting several towns and cities, a salt mine (Poland), horses (Vienna, Austria), the Sound of Music origins (Salzburg, Austria) and Sleeping Beauty's castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein, southern Germany). Plus a lot more other lovely things. Only a few weeks away now!!

There was a bed there as well
The training started again on Friday with a swim training. It Was FREEZING! It really was. I only did one lap, not because of the temperature, but because of my partner in crime, who had some ankle problems and was waiting for me to finish in the rain. On the plus side: only one stop, despite the cold. 

Apart from that training I did a bit of heavy lifting, pushing and shoving yesterday. Not necessarily as a work-out, more as a 'time to move things that are in the way, out of the way'. I wanted to move the two couches around (not sure why) and needed to move all the boxes in the hallway to the annex to the living room. That way a new door to the bathroom can be installed without any trouble. The little annex is now full of boxes and my tv. The living room is now quite empty and I will need to do something with that. 

Room for a door!
Today it was the plan to do a running training, come what may regarding the weather. But, as there is now a bucket close to the couch, just in case and I just had to force myself to eat some crackers, I think it is fair to say no training, and no party tonight will be happening. Alas, but health first and throwing up half way through a training is not my idea of fun. I know, I am picky...

Other than that: I am enjoying the Olympics, next week's weather is promising to be good again and despite a week of not doing much, I am still good weight wise!


  1. Take care...feel better!

    Your vacation sounds great!

    1. I took care, but don't feel much better. Although I will try and eat again in about an hour. When my stomach has settled after the painkillers.

  2. Hari ON
    Oh dear, a hit of the lurgy? Hope it's just a 24 hour thing. Oh goody, an 'indoor' loo... that'll be fun! Your holiday plans sound excellent... Are the neighbours going to look after Miss Oswin? YAM xx

    1. A massive headache attack which came this time with bucket-requiring nausea all day long! Unfortunately I am in for day two now and most likely day three will follow.

      The educated guess will be that they look after her. Might even have to give her a bit more room to roam in since there will be people in and out of my place due to the building work.

    2. Hari OM
      Ah the bldg happening whilst you are away... that's even better! Yx

  3. We hope you are feeling better. Throwing up is never a good thing.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I am really excited about you following Anne Frank's steps. That should be amazing and emotional.


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