Saturday, 30 April 2016

Moving day

As I was woken up by the gulls this morning (slightly better than crows), I all of a sudden realised that I hadn't finished packing all the kitchen stuff. The thing is though: I have run out of maps and Christmas wrapping paper! It will get done though. 

I dreamt of the new address this morning as well. A nice mock tudor mews home with lots of small and very strange rooms. Probably as a result of the text message I got in the early hours of the morning where I got the address. Not that I knew of that, but subconsciously and all...

Other than that I feel sad. I felt like tears last night as well. It's hard to leave a home where you were so happy. Anyway, last little leads (literally translated from Dutch, so it won't mean anything to anybody else) and then I am away. On to a new part of my life. 


  1. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  2. One can get attached to a place. My wish for you is that before long you will feel at home in your new location. Take care!

  3. Hugs to you on a difficult day....

  4. Hope it all runs smoothly. ((Hugs))

  5. Hari OM
    PHew, glad you got an address... huggies... you'll be 'right mate'... YAM xx

  6. The new place will be home quickly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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