Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Incredibly enough it's already September. How the time has flown these past few months. A little update first: the headache I had had nothing to do with migraines or chocolate or cheese or wind or sun or anything like that. It was a good-old fashioned show of: you are ill, you should stay home. Because, I basically... ehm... was ill. Still not completely better, but much better than last week anyway. 

I spent two days at home feeling sick/not so sick before going back to work. All the while coughing my lungs out as well, because I had noticed some fluid in my windpipe (I could hear it) and I wanted to get it out. I don't think I quite managed that, but my voice is nice and deep now (!). 

In other news: Brom and I will soon be on the road again. To the annual Tide Games to Voss in Norway. I have been there twice already (I won for the best hat in the first year and the best horse in the second year), but Brom has never been! And since it involves a stay-over (well, two really), he will be coming along. 

The first year I was dressed like my clothes cabinet had exploded on me: colours everywhere. Last year we were supposed to be cowboys and -girls. And this year? Vikings!! Which means that tomorrow (when I am off) I will need to go shopping and get some Viking gear. I am making something for Brom as well, but I won't show until. 

I had planned on making some jam. Either raspberry jam or blackberry jam. The raspberries were nearly gone though, I found one here and one there, but not enough to make an eggcup of jam, let alone a pot! The blackberries weren't ripe yet. They did tear down some of the blackberry bushes though, which wasn't very nice, but at least now I can get at them a bit easier. I think I will have to wait another week or so and then I can make some blackberry jam. 

My apple harvest this year consist of no apples. There was plenty of blossom on the tree in spring, but the weather then turned so bad with so much wind that the bees never got a look-in and didn't get the chance to pollinate. The plum harvest is a bit bigger, but I will be lucky if I can make a small pot of jam of the whole harvest! 

Well, that was me in a nutshell. 


  1. Hari OM
    Glad you on the mend from that health hurdle and that this time, at least, it was a simple explanation. What a shame about the crops - may be next year will be a 'bumper'? Tide games time again already? Crikey, I've known you since the orange hat so it will be fun to see what you and Brom look like as Vikings!!! YAM xx

    1. Well, if next year is going to be a bumper crop, I will need to trim back the trees considerably! A lot of dead wood in there, especially the apple tree.

      And doesn't time fly? Brom is excited about his Viking outfit. I have made the shield already and it looks fantastic, if I say so myself!! He would rather not have any 'killing' apparatus, but he can wear it ceremonially, which he was fine with!

  2. Glad you feeling better. Have fun at the Tide Games. Blackberry jam sounds wonderful. Sorry about the apples this year. Glad you have some plums, they are so yummy.

  3. Mara, so glad you are doing better. Can hardly wait to see you and From in your Viking attire.

    1. Not completely fine yet, but much better than last week.

      Now, if only this dratted coughing would stop...

  4. A Viking theme in Norway? I just don't understand. ;)

  5. You sound much better now asd your creative juices are flowing in your quest to win the prize for the best Viking outfit!


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