Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Me and my sister during her visit to me earlier this year
My sister and I had decided it would be nice to go to London again. It has been over three years for me! I usually went about five or six times a year in my old job, but since moving to Norway I don't travel that much anymore. So, London it was. Sometime in November or December. 

Then my sister got invited to a bachelorette party. In New York! Which meant that she still wanted to go to London, but wasn't that sure about how to finance the lot. 

Well, for me, seeing my sister is more important than a trip to London, so instead of going to Oxford Street for some Christmas shopping, I will be visiting my sister in Northern Ireland. And there will be plenty of opportunity to go shopping there as well. And perhaps this time I actually get to see a bit more of Belfast!!


  1. Hari OM
    Ooohh - for half a second there I thought it was gonna be NY!!!..but Belfast will do &*> YAM xx

    1. I haven't got the money to travel to NY and see my sister! And I don't want to go crashing their party!!

  2. Which sister is which in the photo?
    I do know, but you two are definitely swimming in the same gene pool.

  3. London is a dream that I have. Someday I hope. Have a wonderful time

    Anne and Ziggy

  4. Ireland is nice too ! How practical to have a sister living there ! I want to go to London too, don't know yet when, but i can make it in one day, taking the Eurostar early morning and coming back in the evening. It only takes a little less than two hours to get there !

  5. What a deal, New York! Looking forward to your stories about Ireland.


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