Saturday, 11 April 2015

The result

The last time I had a headache? Not self-induced? Two days after the operation. Probably due to the heat, the epidural and the operation. And perhaps some residual hormones (I was due to have my period that week). Which means that I have been without a headache, not counting the chocolate one, for two months! TWO MONTHS!!!!! I can't remember the last time that happened!

Not only have I not had any headaches, I have been drinking a lot. Something I never used to do. Before the operation I would perhaps drink about half a liter a day. Sometimes more, often less. Which meant several problems that came from that. Let's call them blockages. However, the lack of fluid didn't mean I never went to the toilet. I would actually go often. Very often. I was known as the person who always had to go. Well, since the operation, I have been drinking three to four times as much, but I now have to remind myself: I have to do another bout of driving, perhaps it might be wise to 'go' before that. 

In other news: the last week has been hard on me. I never thought it would be this hard to actually get back to work. Being off work for 8 weeks (one week's holiday and seven weeks' sick leave), meant that I have lost a lot of energy. And when you are thrown into work fully again, with early starts, lots of driving, long shifts and busy routes, it makes one tired. It makes me tired. Although that might be the wrong word. The better word is probably weary. Down to the bone. And then when I got home, I wanted food. Fatty or sugary would be best. Although yesterday I did eat proper food. Sad to say it was double portion. Big portions at that! Anyway, one more day at work and then a day off. I will need it. 

The most important thing though: NO HEADACHES IN TWO MONTHS!!


  1. Hari OM
    Firstly - love the tweak on the bloggy and header; secondly purrssssss to the divine Miss O who is modelling marvellously.

    Thirdly and not at all the least - woohoo on the free head and balancing fluidity. Now as to the energy thing and the comfort eating... bear in mind that whilst there is certainly likely to be a post-op thing going on, there will also be the hormonal adjustment thing... and TRUST ME that is something else to deal with.

    Double dose the Berocca; a course of Iron with Ferrin wouldn't go amiss. Oh. And don't give yourself too hard a time! You have done great and hey.... NO HEADACHES!!! Hugs to you and whiskeries to her. YAM xx

    1. Thank you for the hugs and whiskeries. Always nice to get!

      As for the comfort eating: that will not last. And I do eat and drink well while at work!

      The supplements I don't know about. I was advised some other things a year or so ago and they had never even heard of it over here. The main thing is getting back to normal eating and normal work and a bit more excercise. That way I should be fine.

  2. That's wonderful that you don't have headaches anymore ! Yes being thrown back into work life after such a long leave needs some time to get adapted again and then don't forget you had a big surgery behind you ! Oswin looks beautiful as always !

  3. That is great news. I'm so glad your headaches have gone away!

  4. Nothing like an operation and time off to get one's body out of shape. Even the anesthetic can have a residual effect for several months according to one surgeon I had. Surely glad to see you posting and enjoying Oswin's antics.


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