Monday, 27 April 2015

Happy birthday!

As we were chatting on Saturday morning (she demanded food, I talked about lots of things), I realised it has nearly been a year that Miss Oswin has been part of my home. Or made my place a home I should say! As she demanded and then wolfed down her food, I continued realising things. Not only has she been with me for nearly a year, she turns/turned 2 as well. 

Because she was a found cat, her exact age is unknown, but the guess when I got her was about a year old. Which means that she would now be about two years old. That's how things work in life. But having a birthday 'sometime' in April is not good. It's sloppy and very disrespectful. And if any creature demands respect (as well as food), it is Miss Oswin. 

Ooooh, belly rub!
We had to come up with a date. And I think I found the perfect one as well. Today is a Royal birthday: the King of the Netherlands is celebrating his! Well, Miss Oswin has now joined him in celebrations. From now on, her birthday will be celebrated on April 27th.

Happy birthday Miss Oswin (oh, and King Willem Alexander as well of course, but he is not nearly as important as Miss Oswin)!


  1. Hari OM
    ...... ahhhhhhhhhhhh HAPPY MEOWDAY MISS 'O'!!! ....(for a few moments there though, I though 'mum' was going to mark your day in honour of mine! sssiihggh... but sharing with a king does have something more fitting about it! Hugs, YAM xx

    1. Well, if we had only known!! However, after just asking her Highness, she decided Royalty beat all! Sorry...

      Happy belated by the way!

  2. Excellent idea to put her birthday on King's day ! My little grandson wore a crown when I saw him on Skype Sunday ! He was very proud of it !

    Oswin is a beauty ! Happy birthday to her !

  3. It is only fitting that a queen share a birthday with a king.

  4. Your Oswin is such a sweetie! I was surprised to see a photo and information about the King's birthday in the Chicago Tribune this week! And of course, I thought about you. :)


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