Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Another doctor's visit

Some time last week I got a letter. From the hospital in Bergen, yet on the backside it was stamped with a hospital I have never been to. On opening the letter I found out it was sort of a follow-up. It basically dealt with any infections I might have had after the operation.

I had to answer several questions and if I answered any of them with yes, I had to contact my gp so she/he could fill out the rest. Well, since I had had an infection, been to see a doctor about it and had antibiotics to fight said infection, I had to answer yes to already half of the questions. Whether or not I have had a fever along with the infection is not known to me: I took so many painkillers and fever suppressants (paracetamol), that I might have had, but never knew. I will have to ask my mum about that. She is clever like that.

Anyway, today was the appointment with the doctor. Since my own (female) doctor is on leave, there was a replacement, a nice young man. He put three crosses on the letter, wrote his name and the date and then picked up the phone. 'Was he supposed to let me pay for something that I was ordered to do by a follow-up check by the hospital?' 

I left shortly after, without having to pay (thank you doc) and feeling like I had just wasted his and my own time. Three crosses indeed! Taking up valuable time he could have used on another patient. However, I did get the chance to ask him about the occasional stings, pangs and aches that still happen in my lower abdomen. A colleague had said that it was the remaining organs settling and such and it was confirmed by the doctor. Plus the inside scars (like the outside one) might on occasion be pulled and then give off a pang or stitch. 

So, nothing to worry about!

Before you ask however: no, I didn't ride my bike to the gp. 


  1. Hari OM
    ... to be fair, with things like the superbugs of hospital origin (like norovirus for example), this was actually rather a responsible action of the authority. ...Inefficient and a bit 'after the fact'... but responsible.

    Hope there is not too much pinging and panging for too much longer! YAM xx

  2. If you would have had fever you would have felt it ! That you still have some pain is normal as your doctor said. It takes some time to heal completely. It's better not to ride a bike for the moment ! I am off to the Côte d'Azur tomorrow for 10 days ! Happy to escape the cold and rain !

  3. Glad things are going well for you.

  4. Well glad that all is well and he confirmed your question on the stings, pangs and aches. The medical field has a lot of paperwork her in the U.S., drives me crazy.


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